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Remodeling for the last half of life…

Your home is your haven, as well as it should be-and for as long as you like. In fact most adults over 45 want to remain in their current residence and never move. But age-related physical changes in the second half of life can make the home itself an obstacle to staying in the place that means so much to you.

No matter your budget, you can refurbish and renovate- inside and out- to promote personal freedom. Features such as ample lighting, lever-style door handles, comfortable furniture, wide doorways, a walk-in shower, a first floor bedroom, and level walkways provide comfort for all people, regardless of their age and abilities. Plus, those changes could increase the value of the home, should you decide to sell.

So whether you are looking at your own home or that of your parents, now is the best time to imagine how your family can enjoy the home for years to come- safely and independently, without sacrificing style or beauty.

Adding an extra floor level bedroom for a family member to an existing home is a more economical solution than entering an assisted care facility. Taking care of aging parents and baby-boomers is a national and individual concern. We are all living longer. Finding suitable housing is a huge problem.

What will be the future needs? Can you begin planning now? Can the remodeling process make a substantial difference in allowing the older person’s ability to function independently? How about the planning for you, as you grow older?

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