“A few years ago, Jay Detweiler and his crew at JD Enterprises took on a modest remodel job to upgrade the living room and bedroom of my home in Bellevue.  I chose Jay for several reasons:  he came across very professional, his draft plans were detailed and accurate, and his cost estimate straightforward.  Midway through the project, after getting to know Jay better and seeing the quality of his work, I was so impressed that I asked him to work up an estimate for an addition to my home.  We had been in our house for more than 15 years, my family had grown and so had my list of projects that overwhelmed my do-it-yourself capabilities.  In Jay I found a builder ‘with care and integrity’ I could trust that could finish ‘my list.’  He and his crew are really good and what they do, they like their work, and are truly attentive to meeting or exceeding imagined expectations.  And there are no surprises with budget or schedule.  Too many contractors try and juggle a dozen projects, always behind, and never accessible.  Jay answers his phone and personally updates progress regularly.  His bookkeeping method is transparent and easily understood.Jay, you have done an excellent job for us.     
So, half-way into my small project I literally went back to the bank and borrowed more money so that Jay could finish my home the way I’d always dreamed.  Thanks to Jay, we are now enjoying our home every day, fully complete, with no list of jobs hanging over my head.  If you are looking for an honest and forthright builder with integrity and top notch skills then you cannot go wrong with Jay Detweiler.  Go for it, you won’t regret it.”
Don Hunter
Wow! Once again you have exceeded my expectations! Please extend my sincere compliments to Josh for the planning and execution of my, albeit small but so important, project.
Your expertise in this work as you have demonstrated in my past home needs is exactly why I call JD Enterprises first.
Please feel free to pass these comments on to others who might benefit from your competence.
Doc Housley 

Since 1978 we have been working with Jay Detweiler and his construction company. Personally we have had JD Enterprises complete remodel projects for my home as well as our firm’s offices. We have been very pleased with JD Enterprises” high quality of professionalism, their conscientious approach to each project, and their timely manner in project completion.
 JD Enterprises completed two bathroom remodel projects for our home. We live in a 1902 home in the Old Town area. The bathrooms were stripped to the studs and joists, reconstructed with new fixtures and finish and completed with permit inspections. Custom cabinetry was built to our specifications for our offices. All work was completed during our use of our office and house in a clean and conscientious manner. Through these experiences I can provide a solid recommendation for JD Enterprises as a true professional and highly skilled remodeling contractor. If you have any questions contact me at our offices at 970/484-0306.
Dick Anderson
Anderson Associates
Architects/Architectural Engineers, LLC

“Recently, we completed a major kitchen/family room remodel which added about 300 square feet onto our house. Jay’s team came in both on budget as well as on schedule. The finish project is wonderful and we are loving it! Several things set Jay’s team apart. First, his team is excellent. Hard workers, considerate, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. We always felt comfortable having them around and taking care of things. In addition, all of his sub-contractors were also considerate and well managed. Jay and his team always strove to communicate what was going on as well as listen to our questions, desires, and limitations. Without equivocation I can recommend JD Enterprises for any job, big or small!”

John & Marlene Hutton

“The beam supporting the overhang at the front of my house was sinking into the ground causing the overhang to sag considerably.  I hired J.D. Enterprises Inc. to do the repair work and can’t say enough about the quality of their work and the professionalism of the crew. Everyday they arrived, worked efficiently while playing classical music (does that tell you something!) and at the end of each day, all tools, equipment and debris was cleaned up and tucked away.  When the repair was finished, the touch-up painting and replacement of the decorative paving stones and gravel was so seamless, it is impossible to tell that repair work was done.
All the work was accomplished much faster than I would have thought possible and the cost was very reasonable.  I HIGHLY recommend J.D. Enterprises Inc.”

 “Jay, we would be happy to recommend you and we would like to use you again. You are a great Christian doing excellent work.”
Marion &  Marlene Kenyon  

“Their craftsmanship, attention to detail, responsiveness, and professionalism are unmatched. We love our new spaces and will continue to recommend JD Enterprises…”
Catherine and Michael   

“In the last 6 years, JD Enterprises has done the following work for us:
built a room addition to our home, partially remodeled our kitchen, built 2 decks onto our home, remodeled our master bathroom, did some odds and ends with doors and locks. Each job was done in a timely and high quality manner. Any slight problems were taken care of quickly and with absolutely no hesitation as to whether or not it should be done. Costs were reasonable, and estimates were accurate. Disruption to our daily lives was held to a minimum.
In addition to our satisfaction with the work done, it was a pleasure to work with Jay. He is a man of high moral standards that show in the quality of work he does and the way he runs his business. We readily recommend JD Enterprises with no reservations whatever.”
Craig & Lorraine Shuler

“My wife and I want to thank you for the nice work you have done on the cabinets in our kitchen. You have done an excellent job and they have worked perfectly. It isn’t often that people can find a good talented worker who cleaned up after himself and was very polite. I would not hesitate to recommend JD Enterprises Inc to anybody who needs a job well done.”
Marion & Marlene Kenyon 

“JD Enterprises was highly recommended to us by a neighbor who had extensive work done at his home.  We were not disappointed when they completed our new patio cover.  The transition from the new to the existing was completed perfectly and appears to be part of the original house. 
JD Enterprises were thorough from the beginning of the project and completed the work within the agreed upon budget.  They have an excellent crew and their work was completed in a professional, timely and expert manner.  They were very attentive to any questions we had.  Their subcontractors did excellent work and JD Enterprises followed up on a daily basis and paid close attention to the quality of the work.We would without hesitation recommend JD Enterprises and look forward to working with them again on future projects.” 
John and Suzanne Van Zanten

“We have had bathroom and kitchen remodels done by JD Enterprises and have been satisfied with both. Our opinions were listened to, and suggestions made by representatives from JD for improvements. Everyone who worked here was friendly and respectful of our home. All precautions were taken to keep dust at a minimum in the rest of the house. Work was done swiftly and at a high standard, and work done byby subcontractors (plumbing, etc) was scheduled well. We are happy to add our recommendation of Jay and his company.”

Duane and Sylvia Daire
“We have had several small and large scale projects done by JD Enterprises over the last 10 years and each one was completed with the highest level of excellence.  Jay and his team are exceptionally personable, incredibly professional and very skilled. When we think about any home project that requires precision and expert execution, JD Enterprises is our contractor of choice.” 
Craig & Carol
“Amazing penchant for results… highly recommended…”
Drs. Larry & Tricia
”I was very pleased with your prompt and efficient work at my Cortina loft.  I would certainly recommend you and your company for residential or commercial repairs or renovations.” 
Timothy W. Hasler
 Outstanding Job… we are pleased and thrilled with the final result…” 
Sara and Jeff 
 Dear JD Enterprises,
Years have passed and we are still enjoying the remodeling your team has done for us.  From the basement finish, with its variable ceiling challenges, to the master bath upgrades, to the study conversion, we have had not a single problem and enjoy the fruits of your labor daily!  Thanks for your quality work and integrity. 
Sincerely, John and Karen 

In 1982, my wife and I hired JD Enterprises (Jay Detweiler) to remodel our 1905 home.  We needed more space, as our family was growing, and had seen some of his work on other homes.  We sat down with Jay and came up with a plan for the remodel.  Jay incorporated most of our ideas with some of his own.  During summer and early fall, Jay and his crew dismantled our roof and the back side of our home.  During this time, we actually lived in the home, which was quite an experience, but Jay made sure to keep us as comfortable as possible, considering all that was going on around us.  We had opportunities to consult regularly with Jay during the rebuild, and felt comfortable that our needs and desires were being addressed.  Remodeling an old home can be quite challenging.  You never know what you might run into.  However, Jay handled the few unforseens quite well and plans were adapted accordingly.  At the completion of the project, we ended up with a new family room and kitchen downstairs, and two bedrooms, a loft and a bath upstairs in our previously one-story home.  We were very pleased with the outcome, and the character of our old home remains unchanged.  Jay’s attention to detail and craftsmanship were unmatched, and his professionalism and integrity throughout the whole project was tops.  We were, and continue to be (still living in the home), very pleased with the remodel. If you are thinking about remodeling your home, or even building a new one, we would highly recommend you give JD Enterprises strong consideration.

Dear Jay:

We wish to thank you and your crew for your most professional work designing and completing the remodeling of our main and master bathrooms. We appreciate that you take time to meet with us and answer all of the questions and concerns we have before, during, and after the construction period. We appreciate your friendly and skilled crew and enjoyed having them in our home. We wouldn’t think of using any other contractor – you are the “best.” You truly care about what your clients want and go all out to have a professional and beautiful end product. Thanks for the great job. 
P.S. Same goes for our kitchen remodel and addition you did for us 5 years ago. We have been well pleased.
Ron Huysman
Maureen Huysman

We met Jay when we were considering enlarging our garage.  Not only was his estimate reasonable, he was the only contractor who came up with a cost efficient and ingenious  way to use the full width of the existing garage.  He kept us in the loop, was conscientious, did excellent work and stayed close to budget.  What more could you ask for?  When a friend later asked about a contractor for a home project I did not hesitate to recommend Jay… and now there is someone else who would recommend him.
Howard and Leanne Lauren

HI Jay, I know you sent out a request for a testimonial months ago..and I have been hanging on to the letter but just did not have any time to respond.

My testimonial as well as an offer to provide before and after photos of all the work you did on my home. While talking to a dear friend, Jay Detweiler’s name came up in our conversation. I was describing to her how frustrated I was with a one car garage and having my washer and dryer in my kitchen. My home was built in the early 50’s and was in need of some “tweaks”; beside the fact that I wanted a sun room to open my view to my back yard garden as well as an additional bathroom designed to accommodate a disabled family member.  

She described Jay as a trustworthy and experienced remodel expert and indeed that describes JD. JD was on the site every day with his capable and experienced remodel team. It has been almost three years since completion of what turned into a major remodel; I had a long list of upgrades and I am completely in love with my home and the quality craftsmanship JD Enterprises provided. 
Ginger Purvis


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    Great testimonials, this should produce a ton of referrals, Gary D

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